Speksi is like theater, but more fun!

Speksi is an interactive music theater where the audience can influence the events on stage with “Omstart!” yells. When Omstart is yelled, actors improvise the situation that has just happened with a new twist, and maybe the orchestra and the dancers get spontaneously involved too.
The end result is a fun, touching and surely unique full-length show.

Teekkarispeksi is a colourful theatre association based in Otaniemi, and consists of students and graduates. In the spring Teekkarispeksi produces a full-fledged musical production that is viewed by 2500 viewers across Finland. This yearly spectacle is conducted by more a crowd of more than a hundred people, and involved are all music theater sub-areas from the costume designers and stage players to dancers, light and sound technology and orchestra.

A great way to jump into the speksi boat is in the early autumn to attend speksis dance courses and other spectacular events.

The makers of the upcoming springs production will be selected in the late autumn, and speksi will be able to accommodate professional prospects as well as future talents – for enthusiastic people Teekkarispeksi offers first-rate guidance in every sub-area.

More information on the autumn 2022 dance courses and how to get on-board the spring 2023 production will be posted on this page later this summer!