Teekkarispeksi – Student Musical Theater

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Welcome to Teekkarispeksi!

Teekkarispeksi is a colorful theater association based in Otaniemi, Espoo. The association consists of students and alumni from Aalto University and elsewhere.

Teekkarispeksi produces a full-length musical production each Spring that is viewed by 2500 viewers across Finland. This yearly spectacle is created by a production team of more than a hundred people. Included are all music theater fields from costume designers and stage players to dancers, from light and sound technology to a live orchestra.

Below you can find information on our courses, our ongoing productions and how to apply to be part of the production.

What is Speksi?

Speksi is an interactive music theater where the audience can influence the events on stage. At any point the audience can shout “Omstart!” and then the actors must replay the scene with a new improvised twist. Sometimes even the live band and the dancers get spontaneously involved too.

The end result is a fun, touching and surely unique full-length show.

Are you interested in joining us? Teekkarispeksi recruits members into a new production team each autumn from September to late October. We also arrange various courses including dance courses and other spectacular events.

Check out the sections below for our current on-going courses and productions!

Teekkarispeksi 2023 Production

Production 2023 registration is now open! Click here to sign-up.


Join our dance courses! This autumn we organize four dance courses. Each course consist of four (4) lessons. No prior experience needed!

Sign up from this link!

Course details can be found below. 👇

PERIOD 1 19.9-16.10.

Acrobatics / Sundays 17-18.30 / Kaisa, Solja, Patrik & others

Partner and floor acrobatics (2 lessons and 2 lessons). We learn the basics of partner acrobatics (google e.g. Pair acrobatics bird or cartwheel) and for example cartwheel variations and other tricks on the floor. The first lesson is on 25.9.

You’ll find the acrobatics course from the sign up form with the name Akrobatia.

Contemporary / Sundays 19-20.30 / Mira

The class is a contemporary dance class focusing on choreography, finding the dancer’s own movement language, and interpreting choreography and music. The first lesson is on 25.9.

You’ll find the contemporary course from the sign up form with the name Contemporary.

PERIOD 2 17.10.-13.11.

Nykytanssi (Contemporary) / Saturdays 13-14.30 / Ella

The lessons focus on practicing the use of body weight and finding the flow of movement. We also do floor techniques. It is sufficient to have previously attended any dance class, but a classical background (ballet, jazz, etc.) is an advantage. The challenge level adapts based on the experience of the participants! The first lesson is on 22.10.

You’ll find the nykytanssi (contemporary) course from the sign up form with the name Nykytanssi.

Boogie woogie – swing partner dance / Sundays 18-19.30 / Arto 

Boogie woogie is an energetic, fun and happy swing partner dance to the blues and rock’n’roll music landscape. The dance does not stick to formulas, but a significant role is played by music interpretation and improvisation. Boogie woogie is danced to a fast and a slow tempo, so there are two different types of dancing. The first lesson is on 23.10.

You’ll find the Boogie woogie course from the sign up form with the name Boogie woogie.

The courses are held in Otaniemi in Multi-Facility Hall at Jämeräntaival 3.


1 course 23 €
2 courses 33 €
3 courses 43 €
One-time discount for members 8 €

Sign up

Sign up from this link! Registration is open until 21.9. or until the courses are full. The minimum number of participants in the courses is 6 and the maximum number is 14. The participants are selected in order of registration with one exception: in the case of partner dance, the equal participation of the leader and follower in the course is prioritized.